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16 August 2009 @ 11:35 pm
Tagging and General Rules  

So there are some really basic rules that need to be covered real quick before one of them gets broken. ;)

All submissions are moderated. All members can submit posts to the queue, but know that all posts are checked by a mod before they are approved. Some things that might prevent your post from being approved include irrelevant topics, spam, bashing, improper notification of spoilers, improper coding, or improper tagging. Most posts will be approved, but please do not react poorly if yours is rejected. A mod will attempt to notify you of the errors so that they can be corrected.

Please tag your entries correctly. Members cannot add new tags to entries, but may add existing tags. Only maintainers of the community can create new tags. If you feel a tag needs to be added to the existing tags, contact a maintainer (ellieindiee) and they will determine if the tag is necessary and will then in turn add it. The tags can be found just below the header in the light gray topbar.

When posting your fanart, provide a short preview (no more than six icons, or two thumbnails of larger arts), and link directly to the post containing the rest of the arts on your journal/community.

When posting fanfiction, please do not include fics involving self-insertion (placing yourself in the story with Taylor/Jacob, etc.). All stories should pertain to Taylor, Jacob, or another character Taylor portrays. It may, of course, include other characters so long as Taylor/Jacob plays an integral role. Include (at least) a summary, rating, and links to the story or your submission will be rejected until corrections are made.

We aren't children so let's not act like it. Everyone knows those general conduct rules that include no bashing, no extremely crude language, etc., etc. So I'm going to assume that everyone can follow those guidelines without me having to spell them out word by word here. If problems arise in the future they will be addressed.

Aaaaand enjoy. =D